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Mon, October 1, 2018

My Entrepreneurial Journey: Part 6

Mentors, Advisors and You

As a student, you are lacking a lot of real-world experience that you simply can’t compensate with education. Whether you are planning to start a business or climbing the ladder as an employee, it is always great to have someone whom you can turn to when a problem arises that seems unsolvable with your capabilities or knowledge. Throughout my entrepreneurial journey here at CSUSB, I have had the pleasure of meeting a dozen of highly educated, experienced, and easy to talk to professionals who have offered to help guide me in hardships or who I could hit up with questions. Many of you are probably going to be thinking “Sounds great to me but where am I supposed to find them?” For starters, there are plenty of successful Entrepreneurs out there like Richard Branson who blogs almost daily and are thus really accessible through the click of a button. Looking for more of a one-on-one kind of relationship? Go online and look for networking events in your industry and you’ll be surprised by how open some folks are to the idea of mentoring you!