B.S. Degree in Career and Technical Studies (BSCTS) - Entrepreneurship Concentration

The Bachelor of Science Degree with a major in Career and Technical Studies is designed primarily to provide opportunity for transfer students from community college programs to continue on a career path towards a well-rounded academic baccalaureate degree consistent with their goals in career and technical studies. The Designated Subjects credential, E-Learning Certificate, and a minor in Entrepreneurship are all included in this degree for those that apply and qualify (the DS credential work experience). Please contact Dr. Joe Scarcella for more information jscarcel@csusb.edu or call 909-537-5287 to set up an advising appointment.

B.S. Degree in Career and Technical Studies (BSCTS) - Entrepreneurship Concentration – for full information on the program requirements, please go here.

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Exploring Entrepreneurship

Still not convinced that your major field of study could use an entrepreneurial advantage?
Then we invite you to come and try it out with our ADMN 1001 – Leadership for Global Challenges: Exploring the Entrepreneurial Mindset, a General Education (GE Category E) course that explores the concept of entrepreneurship and how the entrepreneurial lens can be employed to help individuals understand, interact and change the world around them by solving pressing personal, social and global problems. Students will learn the skills and abilities consistent with an entrepreneurial mindset to develop as a whole person by better understanding human behavior, creative endeavors, social relationships, one's relationship to the environment and how stress and failure can be managed.