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Fri, June 1, 2018

My Entrepreneurial Journey: Part 5

The Importance of Networking

Can you remember your parents telling you that networking is the most important thing there is or how your less qualified friends got the best summer jobs because their Dad or Mom had “connections”? Well, your parents were right. Your business career dies or flourishes depending on the size and quality of your network. Switching over from the Marketing concentration to Entrepreneurship here at CSUSB, I was introduced to a lot of people from different industries, positions, and professions and frankly, I wasn’t prepared for it. We tend to constantly underestimate the value of putting ourselves “out there”, meeting people, building relationships and selling the “you” brand. If I could go back in time (still waiting for someone to build that kind of technology) I’d tell myself to get a business card - even if you are “only” a student – and to have a short pitch to sell yourself handy. Believe me, you’ll never know when you need it!